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    Good morning John, We've been working with several districts throughout the state to education and assist them on deciding if LTE or Wide Area Wireless is a better solution. This truly has become a hot topic of conversation since around early ...

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    We were able to get our Document Cameras that were already in the classroom to be used as Web Cams for streaming. We prohibit recording of students both in-class and at home for streaming. If a teacher chooses to stream, totally voluntary, they can ...

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    Hi Joe, We are looking to do a private LTE network as well. I am curious what you find out. Are you going to license a frequency for this? Thanks, John Endter Director of Information Technology Douglas County School District (775) ...

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    Private LTE and E-rate?

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    Hi all, We're considering using private LTE equipment to serve remote communities, but I'm curious if anyone who has done it is using an e-rated circuit? I've got a currently e-rated circuit available near the neighborhood we need to distribute ...

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    Good Morning, Thank you to everyone who applied. We will be making selections the last week of October and will inform applicants of their status that week. The nomination form remains open in case any of your supts./asst. supts. ...

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