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    I definitely agree with color-coding the cable to what function they provide (e.g., yellow for APs, blue for computers...etc). That helps with troubleshooting, especially if you need a non-tech savvy person to look at a cable on the switch. Gen ...

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    One of our districts is interested in going out for an RFP for district and school site web hosting software and services: The district is in the process to go out for a website hosting services bid for next school year or more, without the ...

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    Rory, We try to keep our deployments to 1 port for each outlet. However, like Todd, we also do NOT light every outlet up either... only the ones in use. Our experience is that by doing so this (slightly) helps to cut down on rogue devices getting ...

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    It's going to be a personal preference, but I like only patching what's active and standardizing the switch config as much as possible. (eg ports 1-10 IP Phone vlan, 11-20 printer vlan, 21-30 AP vlan, etc...) it makes it a little more secure so something ...

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    Patch cable question

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    Hello gang, I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving all things considered. I have a query, do you prefer to patch all your switch ports to all your data drops or only those that are active? My past practice has been doing the port 1 to switch port ...

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